The Express Gourmet As Seen On TV Food Processor

Metal blade food slicer and chopper, Must-have small kitchen appliances

The Express Gourmet food processor is so fast, safe, and easy to use that you'll find yourself using it every day! The Express Gourmet 's super-sharp and dual edge stainless blades cut, chop and mix for perfect results without a mess! No more expensive, heavy, hard to clean kitchen appliances - this innovative product replaces them all!

With the Express Gourmet food processor you can prepare dips, salsa, and dessert topping with ease. This food processor is so versatile that you can make salads, coleslaw, stews, homemade fries, smoothies and so much more!

The ExpressGourmet is a metal blade food slicer, food chopper, egg seperator, whipper, grater, shredder, and more all in one simple to use kitchen appliance! Imagine the space you will save by replacing all of these items with the Express Gourmet!

The Express-Gourment Small Kitchen Appliances

Now you can have this all-in-one metal blade food slicer, food chopper, mixer and more for just $19.95 + s&h!

to order your Express Gourmet manual food processor
through the official "As Seen On TV" products network website!

Order Your Express Gourmet Today!

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